What is flAVATAR?

flAVATAR – Magical Flowers are patented. We use 100% plant based ingredients for the treatment of cut flowers and pot plants, which glow in the dark.

How does it glow?

As a result of the surface treatment, flAVATAR plants glow in the dark – a truly enchanting experience for your loved ones and associates.

Safety First!

The technology used by flAVATAR is in all aspects free from gene manipulations. The substance used to treat the plants are 100% safe as well as for the natural environment, as humans and animals. The mixture which can be found on the flower is not edible! All distributed flAVATAR – Magical Flowers are 1st Class quality.

How it works?

Thanks to the trademark owner’s extensive know-how in the field of the fluorescing and luminescing (glowing) flowers, the treated cut flowers/pot plant emit a beautiful green/ light blue/aqua blue/red/white light for up to 30 minutes (depending on the level of charging), if immediately put in a dark place after charging. Should the glow fade with times, it is easy to re-charge the plants in direct sunlight or with a lamp/cellphone light so they can glow beautifully again! If not re-charged, the brightly-coloured glow will dim into a soft white glow, which can be seen for a further 4-5 hours.

The flAVATAR has the characteristics of the normal flowers therefore both cut flowers and pot plants have to be handled on similar basis! The cut flower stems should be pruned a little once a week and replace regularly the water that runs out from the vial or the vase! If you want to preserve the flAVATAR as a dried flower, then take the flAVATAR from the vial or the vase, store it in a warm, dry place, upside down (with the head of the flower down) until it is completely dry. In case the flower was bought in a vial, boxed or cardboard packaging it is recommended to keep it vertically straight and do not cant it during transportation, later store it upright.

If you have any other questions please contact us at info@flavatar.se